Music Theory for Little Ones – Book One (Purple)

December 9, 2012


We call this the “Purple book”.

If you have a pre-schooler who is ready for music lessons, this is a great book to get him or her started.  The book was designed with young students in mind and focuses on 4 basic note values – quarter note, half note, dotted half note and whole note.  We have dedicated 8 pages for each note value.  All pages are colorful and require only the basic motor skills to accomplish the assignment.  There are coloring, matching, and placing stickers.

There is a total of 92 stickers in this book and it even comes with 24 game cards!  You may use the game cards to introduce new concept or to review what was learned.

Once the child has completed the “Purple book”, it's time for the “Orange book”.

Have fun!

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