About us

A Piano Teacher and a Computer Geek Walk into a Restaurant…

Take a classically trained pianist with an interest in developmental psychology and a career web developer, mix in a generous amount of creativity and desire to make the world a better place and you might just come up with something very similar to Fun and Learn Music.

These are products developed around a kitchen table, with the primary goal of being fun. Because we know that having fun makes everything easier.


Eik Mar – Cofounder, Author, Music Educator

Eik Mar - Music Educator, Author

Eik (pronounced “Eck”) has been teaching small children to play the piano for about 20 years and loves the fact that there is an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to reaching a student. ¬†Something that works with one child may not resonate with another and she thrives on finding each student’s “combination”.

She has always believed that if she could make music education more engaging for her students, they would learn faster, and retain more information. During graduate school, she started playing with the idea of fun and engaging worksheets and games designed for the young children she was teaching. The kids loved them, and were learning more than ever before. That’s when she got hooked.



James Laughlin – Cofounder, Web Developer, Entrepreneur

James Laughlin - Developer, Web-Guy

James loves the Internet and how it can bring people together.

A “people person” with technical skills, he is constantly developing new ideas for online services that make your life easier. As a veteran of internet start-ups, he knows a good idea when he hears it, so when he looked at what Eik was developing, he saw something that had to be shared with the world. He jumped in and is now an integral part of bringing all of this awesomeness into your home or studio.

You can usually find James engaging with customers and friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or managing the Fun and Learn Music Facebook Page.